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The time for pre-New Year parties is approaching

We invite you in the month of December that together with your friends and business partners...

Christmas and New Year 2023/24

Spend Christmas and New Year´s holidays in the valley of inspiration surrounded by...

New Year´s Eve 2023

Date:        31.12.2023
Location:  Main squere in Bovec

Bovec Outdoor Festival


Winter sport activities in Bovec

Sporting and recreational challenges are guaranteed in Bovec. It offers a winter playground for the finest skiing at Kanin, sledge by night, exploring difficult-to-access winter destinations on snowshoes, or decide to take a winter tandem paraglide over the Julian Alps.
As far as anyone can remember, people from the Bovec area have always been recognized as excellent and enthusiastic skiers. Past winters with heavy snowfall have enabled great skiing on practically every hill in every village in the area. When the Kanin Ski Centre opened its doors, ski enthusiasts found yet another challenge and the possibility of enjoying skiing on the several-meters-thick blanket of snow. Just recently, the Kanin Ski Centre launched a project to expand its capacity toward the Italian side of Mt. Kanin (Sella Nevea). The connection of the two ski centres (Kanin and Sella Nevea) via another chair-lift will add several hectares of available slopes and turn the Kanin Ski Centre into a semi-large, modern European skiing facility within a couple of years.

pdf1.jpg Kanin - Sella Nevea Skipass price list 2011/12


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