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Christmas and New Year 2023/24

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New Year´s Eve 2023

Date:        31.12.2023
Location:  Main squere in Bovec

Bovec Outdoor Festival



The majority of aircraft sportsmen take a break during the winter, but paragliders are not among them. A pleasant take-off site on the Mt. Kanin ski slopes awaits, and there is nothing more simple or beautiful than to take off with your skis on. A short downhill run is all one needs to get intoxicated with the peaceful winter atmosphere while observing the snowy Bovec Basin far below. After a tranquil flight that lasts about half an hour, one lands in the valley in the direct vicinity of a car park. Yet another perhaps more special experience is tandem flight, where an experienced pilot points out some hidden corners of the Bovec area that can be spotted only from the air.


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