Bovec is a small town and municipality in north-western Slovenia. The main square with traditional houses of the area is situated between two churches built in Gothic style. This beautiful town offers you various types of accommodation, and it is the centre of Upper Soča Valley.

Here all wishes come true:

  • for those looking for high - adrenaline relaksacion
  • those finding their own peace in harmony with nature
  • those seeking the spirit of its cultural heritage

This place, with its unique climate, influenced by the Alps and Adriatic sea, is crossing point of Slavic, German, and Roman cultures. Wild an miraculous nature, people, local specialities, cuisine and sports, as well as cutural and historical sites reveal the liveliness of the area, which inspires you with its wide range of gifts.


Natural and cultural heritage

If you are seeking something for yourselves, your soul and body, you will find it in then Land of Bovec. Here there is plenty of everything thatyou may secretly desire.

The land of Bovec, with its esmerald rivers, joining together into the crystalline Soča, powerful mountains and abysses, the wonderful Truglav Nacional park, full of the most precious fauna and flora species, is a place of immense possibilities for visiting sites or merely wandering. Here, in silence, you become one with the intact landskape, overwhelmed by beauty and inspiration. 

The land of  Bovec os best known for its protected natural values, yet you can also experience several etnological, technical, linguistic and other specialities in their genuine, living forms. Her you can see sheep mountain pastures and buildings which have been preserved from the past. You can take awalk on the ˝cheese ˝roads, take part in traditional works or simply enjoy the most original flavours of Bovec cuisine and and experience time - honoured cuisine in a trditional environment.


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