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New Year´s Eve 2023

Date:        31.12.2023
Location:  Main squere in Bovec

Bovec Outdoor Festival


Great Soča Gorge

They are 750 m long and 15 m deep and are especially of interest for their precisely polished and sometimes overhanging walls, as well as for their narrowness, and certainly for the Soca that chiselled them and that moves somehow carelessly through them, clothed in its  turquoise shades.

Access: immediately before the village of Soca (approximately 7 km from Bovec), by the road from Bovec to Trenta.


Boka waterfall

It is one of the most fluid and generally the most magnificent waterfalls in our country. Here the waters gathered in the Kanin Mountains encounter a mighty threshold. Its volume varies depending on the season and precipitation, but Boka is most worth seeing in the late spring when the thick layers of snow melt on Kanin and up to a hundred tons of water per second falls into the depths. The waterfall falls freely 106 m and immediately after that another 30 m in an incline.

Access: the waterfall can be clearly seen from the road from Žaga to Bovec. From the viewing place on the left side of the bridge a marked path branches off to the foot of the waterfall. From the curve on the other side of the bridge is the starting point of the path which ends directly above the source and it takes one hour and a half to get there.



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