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New Year´s Eve 2023

Date:        31.12.2023
Location:  Main squere in Bovec

Bovec Outdoor Festival


Source of the Soča river

Location Trenta: from the lodge Koca pri izviru Soce along a protected path.

It is one of the most beautiful springs in the Alps. The water gushes to the surface through a deep fissure below the mountain of Šnita and in the past it was therefore called the Šnita up to its convergence with the Zadnjica. Around the source grow beautiful mountain flowers and one can also find Trentarski rjavcek (Trenta Brown) and Mountain Apollo butterflies.


Trenta valley

Located in the heart of the Triglav National Park, the Trenta valley is remote from the everyday hustle-and-bustle of city life. Throughout the year this valley, where seasons seem to change slowly, is a retreat for the body and mind and a well of energy and joy of life.

In long spring days, forest clearings surrounding the walking trails change into lush gardens of paradise, created by Nature, this gardener of boundless imagination. After a rainy period, numerous springs flow down the steep slopes, feeding the river Soča with their crystal-clear waters.
Soon, spring is chased away by the vivacity of summer, which lures trekkers, mountaineers, fishermen, hunters and other explorers of nature, each of them discovering and experiencing Trenta in their own way.

The pleasant warmth of autumn days clothes Trenta in yellow, and the animals start moving closer to the valley from their high-altitude summer grounds. This is the time highly valued by hikers who enjoy peaceful tours of the neighbouring summits and the life in the valley.
Winter turns Trenta into an oasis of peace. Snow casts a blanket of silence over the summits and slopes, only interrupted by an occasional thunder of avalanches roaring down distant mountain slopes.

The Trenta valley, carved deep into the heart of the mountains in the form of a horseshoe, opens up into wild side gorges. From the source of the emerald-green river Soča and farther on to the point where the river meets the Lepena valley, Trenta lies in the Triglav National Park. Flowing into the Soča from the neighbouring valleys are the streams Mlinarica, which tumbles across overhanging cliffs and rushes through inaccessible troughs, the Krajcarica, preserving its strength despite constantly disappearing and re-appearing in a swarm of springs, the Vrsnik with blue-green pools and troughs, and the Lepenca, working its way to the Soča over numerous boulders.

The entire valley from the source of the Soča to its end at Kršovec is scattered with typical Trenta-style houses with wooden roofs and characteristic staircases. In the valley there are three villages: Soča and Lepena were named after the rivers flowing through the villages, and Trenta which in turn gave its name to the entire valley.



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