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Christmas and New Year 2023/24

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New Year´s Eve 2023

Date:        31.12.2023
Location:  Main squere in Bovec

Bovec Outdoor Festival


The Soča river

From its karstic source amidst the Julian Alps, across rapids and falls in Trenta, to the gorges and pools of the Bovec Basin, emerald reflections fire the imagination, spark feelings, and indulge your gaze. For many the most beautiful river in Europe, under the protective watch of peaks soaring 2000 metres, it carves out the narrowest of gorges in the living rock and spreads its broadest courses across gravel-beds, carrying its fiercest floodwaters off to the sea. One moment foaming deliriously, another shy like a maiden, it surprises us with the life it holds within. One moment trapped in a narrow channel, another spread wide, it charms and enchants.

The Soča Valley

The countryside along the Soča, favoured even by our distant ancestors, attracted the people of Trenta, who were the first to establish themselves as guides and find their way up to the highest peaks. It turned the heads of those seeking the legendary miraculous flower of life, and it intoxicated hunters who dreamed of the priceless ‘Zlatorog’ (a white chamois with golden horns). It drew the Hapsburgs and Venetians. It was even the scene of some of the bloodiest battles of World War I.  Today, the attractions are unspoiled nature, a wealth of flora and fauna, cultural heritage, limitless possibilities for panoramic views, roaming about, testing your strength, and living your dreams.

The Soča Experience

On white gravel-beds and all the way up to the soaring heights, withdrawn curiously into the green-blue depths of its basins, your heart pounding from the most exhilarating of experiences – here you can dream of a whole range of adventures. In a land that is linked over the mountains to Resia and Tarvisio, that the Soča links to Kobarid, Tolmin, and the sea, that reaches up to the sky through trails and cable-lifts, there is no shortage of adventures.


Soča Trout

The most significant inhabitant of the emerald river is the Soča Trout – an endemic fish whose very own olive-marble image invites fishermen and photographers to catch it on a hook or take a snapshot. Exciting and shocking stories of the Soča Valley include great names from world history. It was in this very area where Napoleon Bonaparte directed his troops toward the Predel Pass. This is also the area where Nobel prize-winner Ernest Hemingway found the inspiration for his novel ‘A Farewell to Arms’.



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